The series focused on releasing negative emotions, resolving lingering problems of the past, and creating a powerful, positive blueprint for moving forward. The catalyst pack provides you with four life-optimizing trance meditations, each individually engineered to neutralize hurtful and mind-damaging thoughts affecting your daily life.

This new series marks the beginning of another compelling collaboration between brain entrainment musician Denver Clay, and myself, mind scientist, Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica. The catalyst breaks new ground in brain entrainment technology by utilizing unique synthesis to accurately target areas of the sub conscious. Via a soundscape of audible and inaudible frequencies, the recordings penetrate accumulated pockets of negativity in the unconscious mind, literally cleansing the mind of unwanted thoughts, perceptions and feelings.

Listen to Metamorphosis here:


The Gong

The Garden

The Cottage


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Audio Files

Metamorphosis – Dissolve
Metamorphosis – The Gong
Metamorphosis – The Garden
Metamorphosis – The Cottage