Top Recommended Courses & Supplements

Here’s an approved selection of programs we hand picked for you to move closer toward what you want: (1) Erectile Performance, (2) Sex Skills, (3) Penis Enlargement, (4) Attraction & Seduction

(1) Erectile Performance

Tupi Tea

Author: Dr. Leonel Shub

Shock your Your “Penis Heart” Back to Life

TupiTea aims to work by targeting the root cause of PDE5 and cGMP issues, helping you boost libido, improve sexual function, and enjoy better overall sex life. Take one scoop of TupiTea daily to boost your sex life, supercharge your erections, and skyrocketing your libido.

Nitric Drive

Author: Dr. Joseph Feuerstein

Nitric Oxide: The Key to Rapid, Long Lasting Erections

If you do the research into erections, one key molecule is at the center of everything. Nitric oxide is the molecule that makes your blood vessels dilate. This is the #1 molecule to focus on to increase your sexual power. Nitric Drive is an optimized formula to boost nitric oxide.

Alpha Strength

Author: Adam Armstrong

Plaque in Your Balls Causing Erectile Dysfunction?

The medical community is in shock over this deadly white substance proven to be the cause of heart disease, stroke and erectile dysfunction. Scientific studies suggest that targeting this substance can arteries and testosterone tubes to allow rapid and powerful erections.


Author: Bill Grant

The Revolutionary “Penis Brain” Method for Steel Erections on Command

FACT: Your penis has a “brain” of its own. When you can’t get hard, it’s because your penis brain is “asleep”. Meaning, the nerves are inactive and not communicating with your main brain. The “get hard” signals and “pleasure” signals don’t flow! Watch this to activate your “penis brain”.

Gorilla Flow

Author: Dr Leo Shub

Is this “Feminizing Hormone” the Hidden Cause of Your Swollen Prostate?

Shrink your prostate back to normal size by targeting an “out of control” feminizing hormone that is snuck into everyday products and consumables. Discover how to limit exposure to this hormone and flush it out of your system, fixing your bladder, prostate and sexual function.

Rock Hard Formula

Author: Adam Armstrong

Sick and Tired of Embarrassing ‘Sexual Performance Issues?

Do you want the kind of steel-hard erections that’ll make any woman hot, wet and horny – and have her whipping her panties off, BEGGING you to “screw her brains out?” Here’s the shocking truth about why you can’t get hard and stay hard for as long as you want… and what to do about it.

(2) Sex Skills

Squirting School

Author: Marcus London

Famous Male Pornstar Exposes Female Ejaculation Trick

When you can make her squirt on command, you become a GOD in her eyes. You can do things that other guys simply cannot do, because when she spurts that fountain of joy juice, you instantly become a sex icon in her eyes.


Feel The G’s

Author: Lloyd Lester

Landmark Research Discovers a “Hidden Sex Organ” In the Female Anatomy So Sensitive…

Just 38 seconds after applying this simple sex maneuvre, you’ll release a flood of powerful pleasure chemicals as enslaving as crack cocaine. Start tonight by just rubbing two fingers together… you can make any woman you willing sex slave.

Orgasm By Command

Author: Lloyd Lester

The Power to Give Her Body-Spasming Orgasms on Your Command

Why the most secretive and powerful intelligence organization in the world hopes that average men never discover… The “Golden Halo” technology used by elite CIA operatives that can give any woman instantaneous orgasms so powerful… she might lose consciousness.

(3) Penis Enlargement

Growth Matrix

Author: Ryan McLane

Porn Industry’s Dirty Little Secret to a Longer, Thicker, Harder Penis

If you’ve ever wondered “do male pornstars use enlargement techniques?” Then wonder no longer. Ryan McLane reveals the secret that put him in the 8 inch club and lets him please women like most women can only dream of. And now you can join the 8 inch club too.

Endura Naturals

Author: David Yang

Long Lost “Annunaki Penis Ritual” Unleashes Your True 12-Inch Penis Potential

It’s a FACT: Your penis is meant to be thick and long. If it’s not, then it has “stopped” growing. Or rather, “paused”. The good news is, the growth can be continued at any age. This ritual shows you how to reactivate the growth and unlock your missing inches.

Penis Enlargement Exercise Program

Author: Anonymous

Bodybuilder’s Secret to Pack on Inches in Weeks

An anonymous bodybuilder discovered a way to use elite bodybuilding secrets to grow the smooth muscle tissue of the penis. His result was 2 inches length, 1 inch girth in 91 days. These are easy exercises for any guy to use for rapid gains.

(4) Attraction & Seduction

Obsession Method

Author: Kate Spring

Learn From Sexy Kate Spring How to Make Women Want You

Kate Spring teaches you a “secret language” that will make any woman feel an uncontrollable lust for you and only you. This highly secretive “encrypted language” will allow you to psychologically hack into a woman’s brain and give you complete control over how much she desires you.

Stealth Attraction

Author: Richard La Ruina

The Rejection Proof Way to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

If you want to attract & seduce beautiful women, you absolutely need to know Richard La Ruina and his “Stealth Attraction” method. This is without a doubt the most powerful method to bed beautiful women, without risking rejection.